Fit Right Sewing Academy


Frustrated with store bought clothes that just don't fit properly? The thought of making adjustment is scary or are you unsure where to begin?

With our guidance, you will quickly learn to make adjustments to your clothing and sew, by mastering the fundamentals of sewing.  Our instructor holds a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, has decades of experience creating custom clothing and just as many years teaching her craft to others.  Our teaching approach is tested and proven, clear, structured, and designed to meet the needs of learners of all levels.


COURSE DESIGN: Our courses are custom designed for specific learners.

METHODOLOGY: We use "kitchen table" language making directions easy to understand.

ENVIRONMENT: We create a classroom that is welcoming, nonjudgemental, and fun. 

EXPERIENCE: Our founder has personally made several thousand custom made garments and taught students of all ages in academia as well as private classes teaching sewing.  She has taught several thousand students to sew over the years and is well knows for her custom made clothing.

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